Athen (EN)

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Athens is the capital of Greece and is located in the southern part of the mainland near Peloppones. Few cities have more interesting sights than Athens. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and is also the place where Western Civilization was founded.

“It is one of the oldest cities in the world and the place where Western Civilization was founded”

The biggest attraction in Athens is undoubtedly Parthenon. The temple is located on the 150 meter high acropolis rock and is the landmark of Athens. There are several ancient ruins on the Acropolis cliff and, among other things, The Dionysos theater which is very impressive.

“The Plaka area is similar to a town on one of the Greek islands”

Under the Acropolis cliff you will find the district of Plaka, which is the most popular areas for tourists. Many believe the Plaka area is similar to a town on one of the Greek islands, and that’s  not entirely wrong. Here are lots of museums, shops, cozy tavernas and lots of street traders and people who perform at the many small places. Here are also beggars, flea markets and a big food market and much more.

“The guarders in their mildly strange dress”

You should also visit Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament. Here you can be lucky to experience the shift of the garden in their mildly strange attire. Very entertaining (-:

Some of the newer Athens is in general a ugly, semi-dirty city. Here are plenty of hotels to find and also many of the dubious standards.

Plaka area, Acropolis and Syntagma square are some of the most interesting areas in our opinion. But Athens is an exciting southern city to experience and we have just seen a little bit of the area..


“There are very often flights from Hamburg to Athens at reasonable prices”

If you visit any of the Greek islands and have Athens airport as departure / return, it is often convenient to take a day or two to experience Athens on your return trip. Note that the metro ticket for Athens city does not apply to the airport. Here you must buy a ticket that has more zones.


Athens offers many opportunities to travel on the Greek islands. Either with domestic flights or with the many ferries departing from Athens port city Piraeus

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