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Lipsi is really one of our favorites among the smaller islands. It’s just the nicest little authentic and cozy island. Lipsi is close to Patmos and has an area of 10 km² and approx. 700 inhabitants who almost all live in the main city. The island belongs to the Dodecanese islands.

“It’s just the nicest little authentic and cozy island”

We lived in a great location in the main city. Right by the harbor and with perfect view to the harbor and town. Large terrace and plenty of space. As with most small islands we visit, we had not booked a room in advance, so here we were lucky to find this very lovely holiday home.

Lipsi is very narrow where the main city is located (see map) so there was very short distance to the lovely bay with the city beach, which is on the opposite side of the harbor.

The town has a few taverns where delicious food is served. We were especially excited about the little authentic place on the “Ouzo corner”. A primitive place, but really good food with the emphasis on fish. Can be highly recommended.

“We were especially excited about the little authentic place on the “Ouzo corner”

You should definitely rent a scooter and drive around and explore the little island. There are several small churches and monasteries around the island and lots of lovely beaches. Fortunately, fortunately there are not quite a few, so there is plenty of space everywhere.

One thing that is very different on this island is their approach to cleanup and to take care of nature. In many places there are 3 trash cans next to each other, so waste can be sorted immediately. In the supermarket you buy a recycled net the first time you are there and then take it next time you shop. NO plastic bags are on the island. Such an initiative can only be VERY pleased to see and only hope that it spreads to the other Greek islands, and to Turkey, who are the biggest sinners indeed.

Walking up to the center of the main city, you experience the real Greek everyday life. A visit to the very old bakery shop in the square can be recommended.

On the square there is also a lovely tavern. This is a good place on days with too much wind at the harbor.

Yet another thing we thought was a very positive experience was a tasting at Lipsi Winery, which is within walking distance up the mountain behind the city. They keep wine tasting every Friday evening during the summer period and registration is required.

“Lots of nice and happy people and not the least, really good wine”




It was an exciting experience with a thorough tour of the site and lots of exciting information. The evening ends with a tasting of their wines in a cozy space by the beautiful buildings and with the most amazing sunset. Lots of nice and happy people and not least good wine. It can definitely be recommended.

Link to Lipsi winery here

Once you’ve finished exploring the island by land, it’s a good idea to explore it by sea! Lots of boat trips are offered, especially during peak season for tourists. Most tours not only take you around Lipsi, but they also give you a trip to some of the nearby islands including Makronisi, Aspronisi, Tiganakia, Marathi and Arki. Each of these beautiful islands has their own unique geography, and seeing it from the water is the ideal vantage point. Rena Five Cruise is one of the more popular choices enjoyed by visitors to the island. Another thing that makes some of the little islands off the coast of Lipsi unique is that they have some completely unspoilt beaches to enjoy. For example, Aspronisi, the “white island” has a scenic beach that you can easily spend the whole day on. Tiganakia is also known for its hot springs, making it ideal for swimming.

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