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Thessalonika, also known by the names Thessalonica, Salonika, salonica etc. is the second largest city in Greece after Athens. The city (Thessalonikki county) has over 1 million inhabitants and is the main city in the northern region of Greece called Markedonia.

Thessaloniki is beautifully located on the northern coast of the Aegean Sea. It is an old city that was founded several hundred years before our era. The town is a popular tourist destination. The first time we became acquainted with Thessaloniki was in 2013, when we traveled to Thessaloniki airport for our holiday on the Pelion peninsula. A few years later, we got to explore a little more of the city when we had some time in the city in connection with a holiday at Alonnisos.

Place to stay in Thessaloniki. There are, of course, plenty of larger and smaller hotels in Thessaloniki. The ones with the best location, in our opinion, are probably those on Aristotles square, with a view of the sea. However, these hotels are on the somewhat more expensive end. We have stayed at the “Astoria Hotel Thessaloniki” which is a very short walk from the harbor and is therefore perfect if you arrive or depart by ferry. Excellent 3 star hotel with quite good breakfast.

Thessaloniki is the perfect destination if you want to combine a big city holiday with exploring northern Greece. We really like the atmosphere in the city, which we think is more relaxed than in Athens. The city’s location, with an approx. 5 km long harbor promenade along the sea, also provides a great advantage. The beach promenade stretches from the harbor area along the sea to the white tower and all the way there is a variety of shops and cafes.

Aristotles Square is the main square of Thessaloniki and is located in the center right on the city’s waterfront.

The white tower is a very iconic monument that is beautifully located right on the harbor promenade. In Ottoman times, the tower was used as a prison, where there was then also a large outer wall around the tower. Many prisoners were tortured and beheaded then and the tower was also nicknamed; The Red Tower or Blood Tower. Today, the tower functions as a museum, which you can climb up and enjoy the view over the city and the sea. On clear days you can make out Mount Olympus in the distance.

Kaparni market – If you move into the city, there are lots of cozy streets and open spaces. We especially liked the area with all the market streets, which we thought was a really good experience. The market streets can be found here:,22.942842,21z?entry=ttu There are stalls both indoors and in small cozy streets. Can be strongly recommended.

Thessalonika also offers fantastic food which is found everywhere. We think there are very few tourist traps here. In general, we think it’s really good to eat there and at lower prices than on many of the islands.

The many beautiful green areas and parks must also be mentioned. In general, we think Thessaloniki is a really nice city to walk around in. The city can easily be recommended only as a city break.

Rotunda of Galerius; was built in the year 306 and has had several functions, but is used today as a church.

The Arch of Galerius was once connected to the Rotunda, but today only a very small part of this once magnificent archway remains.

Lakadika In the area behind the harbor there is a cozy historical quarter. In the past, the neighborhood was inhabited by many Jews and was a chaotic commercial district. Today it appears as a cozy cobbled neighborhood, with cozy streets and lovely shops and eateries. In the evening it is one of the places to go in the city of Thessaloniki.

Throughout history, Thessaloniki has been a hub for southern European countries, and the port is today one of the area’s most important. The city’s landmark is the aforementioned White Tower, but there are also many other sights here, including several Christian and Byzantine monuments, there are also many churches from the 3rd-7th centuries, e.g. Agios Dimitrios and Agia Sofia.

Go around in the north. In addition to all that an old beautiful city in the south can offer, it is an obvious option to rent a car and explore Greece’s northern mainland. Here you have the opportunity to experience Greece as it was before tourism took over the country.

Beaches If you are in Thessaloniki during the summer months, you may be tempted to a beach day or two. The nearest good beaches are south of the airport and you have to prepare for the fact that it can be quite crowded in the summer months, as is the case with all beaches that are close to a big city. If you have rented a car, it is also possible to drive down to the lovely beaches on the Chalkidiki peninsulas. The last of the three peninsulas is the Athos Monk Republic, where there is very limited access.

A trip to Kavala is also nice. There is a nice fish tavern on the harbor here, where you can can enjoy a lunch before the short sailing trip to Greece’s northernmost island of Thassos, if you want to visit it. More about Thassos’ other place on our block.

Meteora A place that most people would like to experience is the Meteora monasteries. A series of Greek Orthodox monasteries have been built on vertical sandstone cliffs, where monks and nuns have sought refuge, lived their lives and practiced their faith since the early Middle Ages. The impassable cliffs have protected their secluded lives and kept them free from looters, as the only way to get up the steep cliff sides was by rope ladders. In the past there were over 20 monasteries on the inaccessible rocks, but today only 6 remain. Today it is possible to drive by car or scooter all the way up to the monasteries on a fantastically beautiful mountain road. Remember to dress decently as anywhere else when visiting churches and monasteries.

Edessa Waterfalls also a beautiful place with amazing nature.

Pozar’s thermal baths, if you have any ailment that needs to be cured (-:

Olympia, or Olympen as it is called in Danish, is a Greek sanctuary and the place where the Olympic Games began. Standing in this place in the beautiful nature gives a historical thrill.

Delphi is one of the four great cult centers of ancient Greece. Delphi comes from the Greek delphys, which means “womb”. The mythical serpent monster Python ruled the place until Apollo killed it. Delphi was the home of the Oracle of Delphi as well as the site of the Pythian Games, which were held at Delphi every four years (2 years before and after the ancient Olympic Games in Olympia). General info about northern Greece (markedonia) click here: http://this link:

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