Skiathos (EN)


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Skiathos is located between Pelion Peninsula and Skopelos, belonging to the group of islands called Sporades. The island is like Pelion and Skopelos very green, but on Skiathos you will also find the most amazing sandy beaches, we have seen in Greece. Skiathos has over 60 beaches. You can always find a beach that suits your temper. You laugh, with wind, with and without shadow, lively, less lively. Alone on reading time to the southeast lies at least 25 beaches like pearls on a string. Many will probably think that Koukounares is the most beautiful. It can be reached by bus from Skiathos town and is located as the last of the approximately 25 beaches one passes by on the trip.

The almost 1 km long sandy beach reminds us of something from the Caribbean. The colors of the water range from the transparent to emerald green shades to end deep blue. There are many tavernas, kiosks etc. along the beach and the price differences are quite big. Other beaches are more impassable and can only be reached on foot or on scooter.

On the southeast part of the island, which is shielded from the wind, lies at least 25 beaches like pearls on a string

Unfortunately, there are a lot of trips and therefore tourists on Skiathos and the beautiful beaches can quickly seem somewhat crowded in high season. So, we will say, as for example. Chania area in Crete, that this island should be experienced during the off season, where there is ample space everywhere and the island’s beauty comes to its fullest.

We have visited the island last week in May and had a wonderful holiday. Everything is open and there is only a small number of tourists who have found their way to the island at this time.

We stayed at Hotel Poseidon, which is highly located on the outskirts of Skiathos town. Here are great views both from the pool area and from the beautiful rooms.

It really is a hotel with everything and a very friendly and welcoming staff. Very good atmosphere everywhere. And then it’s an added plus that the high position in addition to beautiful views provides extra training for leg muscles and circuits (-:

There are fantastic viewpoints if you drive up the road that runs in the mountains behind Skiathos town


 Skiathos is not very large and can easily be explored on a rented scooter. There are a fantastic view if you drive up the road that runs in the mountains behind Skiathos town. It’s also from this road you can cross to the other side of the island and see the old abandoned main city “Kastro”.

Kastro, which means fortress, is located very high on inaccessible cliffs in very rugged and wonderfully beautiful scenery. The city was built in this inaccessible place, as a protection against pirates. Exactly as you can see it at a lot of the other Greek islands.

There are a couple of churches still in town, but otherwise the rest of the buildings are only ruins. It’s very fascinating to walk around here and imagine how the city’s residents lived here for a long time ago. The view from the high cliff is amazing. We visited the place in the late afternoon when the sun began to stand low and it was a fantastic nice experience.


It’s very fascinating to walk around here and imagine how the city’s residents lived here for a long time ago


You eat very well at Skiathos. We can strongly recommend an eatery in the middle of the main city, on one of the narrow alleys down towards the harbor. The place is called Mouria Taverne and serves deliciously good food. For example, their spicy “Bekri” tastes amazing.

Read more about the place here.

Another really good place is Ellados Gefsis taverna located on the main street through the city. Very good food and nice service. Read more about this place here.


If you prefer the cheaper version, for example light lunch, there is a really good place “Little Balcony” which is on the way down the city up from our hotel Poseidon. Very cozy and a nice little family place with exquisite service

Skiathos can be combined with the Skopelos, A lonissos and Skyros islands.

Of course, the journey  to Skiathos is easiest if you can find flights directly to Skiathos. Skiathos airport is also called Greece’s reply to St. Marteen in the Caribbean. There is a similar runway where the planes come across the beach before landing. Fun to experience.

Alternatively, we can recommend flights to Thesalonikki and ferry from here. Should an overnight stay be necessary in Thesalonikki, it is a really nice big-city. Flights to Athens and bus ferry from Agios Konstantinos or Kymi on the island of Evia is also an option. But this trip is somewhat more difficult.


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