Koufonissi (EN)

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Koufonissi, or Koufonissia, as it is also called, is a small cozy kyklade island. The island is located southeast of the island of Naxos and west of the island of Amorgos. Koufonissi consists of three different islands. Kato and Pano Koufonissi, as well as Keros. Kato Koufonissi and Keros are uninhabited. Pano Koufonisia is the smallest inhabited island in the cyclades and has 280 permanent residents. Visitors to the island meet in the harbor by a white windmill which is located on the eastern side of the harbor. The main town of the island “Chora” is located on the southwest coast and has many of the typical white cloister houses.

“Koufonissi consists of three different islands. Kato and Pano Koufonissi, as well as Keros”

The main town of Chora where we have stayed right on the harbor and beach is a small cozy town, consisting of a long sand / gravel road behind a long sandy beach with fine white sand and very clear and blue sea water. A little further back in the city there are few but very nice little streets where you are very close to the local daily life.

Koufonissi is a small island and it is possible to reach the whole island on foot in one day. Everywhere on the island you will find amazing little beaches and beautiful rock formations. There is also the possibility to rent mountain bikes in the main town of Chora.


“Koufonissi is no bigger than reaching the whole island around on foot in one day”

Koufonissi is a wonderfully nice place with an unexplained relaxed atmosphere. Time stands still and you really feel that you are truly living the life here.

We have contact with two different landlords in the main town of Chora, both of which have beautiful rooms with stunning views of the beautiful beach and harbor.


Here is a link with more information about what to experience at Koufonissi.

The small coastal islands are very popular for island-hop and it is recommended to visit several of these small islands on the same holiday. There is daily ferry service between most of the islands.


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