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Milos is in the souther Greek island of the Cyclades. The island is 161 km² and has 4,500 inhabitants.

” Milos’ largest city is the port city of Adams “

The port city is called Adámas, and there is a ferry service to Piraeus and Santorini, as well as the neighboring islands. Milos’ largest city is the port city of Adams, while the main city is Plaka, which also houses the island’s administration. A walk around in Plaka’s small streets is amazing. Milos also has a national airport, so it is possible to fly there from Athens.


The three main cities of Milos are the port city of Adamas, the main town of Plaka and the seaside resort of Pollonia.

In addition, there are several small fishing villages with boathouses carved into the rocks. The best known boathouses / garages are probably those in the small village Klima.


” It is said that there are upwards of 100 beaches on Milos “

On Milos you find some of Greece’s best-preserved ancient Christian catacombs, and some of the most famous statues of ancient times have been found on Milos. Best known is the “Venus de Milo”, now located at the Louvre in Paris.

It is said that there are upwards of 100 beaches on Milos, but it is now shown a slight exaggeration (-: Whether there are 70 or 100 beaches on Milos is not so important either. The important thing is that wherever you live, there is always a nice beach nearby.

The many beaches on Milos are very different. Several of the beaches are among the most beautiful and special in Greece. Here you will find everything from ordinary sandy beaches to cave-like rocky beaches. Not all beaches are just as easy to get to (fortunately) (-: Several of them are actually quite inaccessible, so a little sweat is needed to reach them (-:

To mention a few of the many beaches it must be the following:

Firiplaka is a beautiful beach with clear water. Here are both sand and stone. The beach is our favorite on Milos and is stunning beautiful with white and red rocks. Some of the locals call it the “ketchup beach” because of the red cliffs. There are few sun loungers on the beach during high season, but here is generally really good space. Firiplaka is located approximately 8 km from Adamas on the south coast.


Tsigrado beach on the south coast of Milos is a small sandy beach with clear water in a small bay. Getting down to the shore of the steep cliffs is quite difficult. The last stretch down to the beach is forced by a ladder (- :.

The beach is right next to Firiplaka beach approx. 8 km from Adamas.

Sarakiniko on the north coast of Milos is one of the most photographed and special beaches in Greece. What makes it special is that it consists of chalk-white smooth-cut rocks that lie out in the turquoise sea. In the white cliffs there are caves, lagoons and small coves. It resembles a lunar landscape and is completely devoid of vegatation.

You swim from the cliffs and snorkeling so you can see the underwater formations are recommended. Sarakiniko is located on the coastal road a few miles east of Adamas.

” A small path with steps carved into the rocks leads down to the beach itself”

Papafragas is a very very special “beach”. It consists of an oblong crevice or cave that water has eroded in the rocks for millennia. Standing on top it looks like a large swimming pool surrounded by cliffs on all sides. A small path with steps carved into the rocks leads down to the beach itself. There can be very crowded in the high season, so you may want to go there early in the morning.


Even the beach and the crevasse is not much more than 10 meters wide but offers a fantastic experience when swimming in it. Some of the rocks consist of pumice that is lighter than water, and therefore you will be able to meet “floating stones” when swimming in the “pool”. In addition to the crevice where the beach is located, there are several nearby caves you can swim into.

Papafragas is located 2-3 km from Pollonia on the north coast of Milos.

In Pollonia is a fairly ordinary and child-friendly sandy beach in a small bay with several small boats for anchor. On the beach there are a number of trees that provide lovely shade. There are many tavernas near the beach. Cozy place and town, but located a bit remote from the rest of the island.

Kleftiko is of some impressive white rock formations that emerge from the sea and form several lagoons and caves. It is definitely one of Milo’s characteristics along with the “boat garages” in Klima. Kleftiko is located on Milos’ southwest tip and is only accessible from the waterfront, so a tour boat is needed. Actually, here is no beach at all, yet Kleftiko is a favorite destination for a dip from the boat.

” Here, about 50 grams of hot springs are bubbling “

Hot springs exist in several places. An easy-to-find spot is right across from the power factory located just outside Adamas. Walk down to the beach by the blue shed. Here you find the hot springs are bubbling both on the beach and in the sea. Make no mistake about the power factory’s cooling water that leads out a little further towards Adamas (it’s also hot) And absolut clean, so no problem (-:

When we visited Milos we lived just outside of Adamas (walking distance to Adama’s center) and only a short scooter ride from our favorite beach Firiplaka. The place we lived is called Akrothalassiamilos and was a really nice place with good and very friendly service by the family who owns the place. Beautiful and well-appointed rooms with fantastic sea views. You can read more about the place here.

The island is no bigger than it is perfect to explore on a scooter.

” the fantastic Greek restaurant Hamos”

On the way to Adamas from our holiday home Akrothalassiamilos outside the city, you pass the fantastic Greek restaurant Hamos. Here we got probably the best well-prepared Greek food we have experienced to date on our many trips in Greek. Great food and friendly and professional service. And finally, you have to try their homemade goat cheese. Absolut amazing. Thank’s to Flora on the Akrothalassiamilos for the recommendation (-:

You can read more about restaurant Hamos here

Otherwise, it is just advisable to rent a scooter and hike around and experience Milos at your own pace. Along the coasts there are several very characteristic fishing villages with boat houses carved into the rocks. These cities are very scenic, but typically have no or few facilities. As mentioned earlier, Klima is probably the best known.

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