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Fourni is a small group of islands, that together are actually called Fournoi Korseon, but are simply called Fourni (also spelled Fournoi). The largest of the islands is also simply called Fourni, the second largest is called Thimena and the third largest of the islands, where fewer than five people live, is called Agios Minas. There are also some small and uninhabited islands.

The Fourni islands belong to the north-east Aegean islands, and lie between the two larger islands of Samos and Ikaria. Fourni has approximately 1500 inhabitants and an area of 45 km2. There are three towns on the Fourni Islands. The majority of the inhabitants, around 1100, live in the town of Fourni itself. It is a harbor town located on the west side of the island of the same name. There are a few cafes, several tavernas to eat, a few markets for shopping, a bakery and a pharmacy. In addition, there are some accommodations to stay.

On the neighboring island of Thimena, there are around 136 people living in the eastern harbor town with the same name as the island. Here there are a few cafes and a market. The two cities are only 2-3 km apart, but each on its own small island. The cities face each other and you can almost see from one city to the other, if not for the fact that there was an even smaller island in between and partially blocking the view. Both harbor towns are located in bays with small beaches and a small harbor area with fishing boats.

In Fourni there is a kind of main street that is lush with flowers and trees. The third largest city is called Chrisomilia. It is located north-west on the island of Fourni, and you can also spend the night here.

Since Fourni is a rather unknown place for most tourists, there is not a lot of tourist pressure here. Most residents of the islands make a living from fishing, but they have gradually started to be able to earn money from tourism in the summer. However, several of the visitors are only day-trippers from the surrounding islands, Ikaria and Samos. That’s why you don’t feel much for tourism when you live in Fourni. The island of Thimena is even more tourist-free than Fourni.

Fourni is exactly how we love a Greek island to be. It is a small island without any organized beaches and other tourist attractions. This island is perfect for total Greek relaxation and has some of the most beautiful natural beaches in Greece. Swimming in Fourni’s wonderfully secluded beaches is a delight. Enjoy a day under the warm sun and have lunch in a lovely tavern afterwards. If you are into hiking, there are many old hiking trails that cross the island and lead to small chapels, small settlements, remote and with fantastically beautiful views.

There are several very good beaches on the Fourni Islands. Among other things, the beach at Fourni town is a very good sandy beach, and here you are also close to places to eat in the town. Another fine sandy beach is Psili Ammos, located 2 km north of the port town of Fourni. One km south of Fourni you will find a good sand/pebble beach that is also popular. 5 km further south you will find the Kassidi beach, which is a delicious sandy beach in beautiful surroundings and with beautiful turquoise water. When you go to the nice beaches around the island, it’s just a matter of walking out to find them, or renting a scooter like we did. When you drive out along the coast from the town of Fourni, the beaches come almost like pearls on a string. We especially liked the one by an old marble quarry. Here is fantastic clear blue water in a bay, with shade trees on the beach and the old granite quarry located just behind. We were often completely alone on this lovely beach.

If you fancy a trip on the sea, you can go on a boat trip around some of the islands, which can be quite interesting, or just be sailed from Fourni to Thimena, and take a walk on the beach, or wander a bit around the countryside and take in the sights the scent of the wild herbs. Fourni is for you who want to slow down.

The easiest way to get to Fourni, we think, is to fly to Samos and then take a ferry to Fourni from Pythagorion. We went to the neighboring island of Ikaria after Fourni and from there back to Samos (Karlovassi port) Note that there are days when there are no ferries to any of the neighboring islands. Check with:

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