Patmos (EN)

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 “Patmos is a very holy island in the Christian and Greek Orthodox world, with the impressive Monastery of Saint John the Theologian on the island”

Patmos is the northernmost island in the Greek island of Dodecanese. The island is 34km2 large and has about 2500 inhabitants. There is no airport on the island, but daily ferry services from the surrounding islands.

We really like Patmos as it is not crowded with tourists and has lots of exciting places to explore. And that one can easily find its very own beach and very often be alone in nature draws very much for us. A scooter is perfect for exploring the island as there are limited distances.

Patmos is a very holy island in the Christian and Greek Orthodox world, with the impressive Saint John Monastery high on the island. The monastery has an impressive library collection and lots of priceless art treasures. After all, almost in line with what is found in the Holy Monk Republic on the Atos peninsula.

At Patmos you will also find the very holy cave (the holy cave) where John according to The Bible got its revelation when he heard God’s voice from a rock square. The monastery and the cave with the cliff slope are a fountain for local Greeks and one day tourists coming to the island.

Otherwise, Patmos is a really nice little island with many small lovely beaches and the nice harbor town of Skala.

Chora is a very authentic and very old city

You can choose to live in the main town of Skala, which, by day, has many day-to-day tourists and in the evenings a life of many taverns. The city has developed a lot in recent years due to the many tourists coming to visit the holy places, or you can choose to live in the old town of Chora, which is high on the island around the ancient Old monestry. Chora is a very authentic and very old town and wonderfully exciting and enjoyable to walk around in the narrow hilly streets.

However, there are by far the most options in the main city. Both possibilities are the basis for a really good holiday and everywhere on the island there are small authentic beaches and tavernas where you can have delicious Greek food.

There are plenty of hiking trails around the island to the small cozy beaches and small churches, as there are more of around the island.

We like to live in the main town of Skala, as you get both city life and a good base for trips out to explore the island. Scale town is bigger than one would probably think of an island of Patmos size and is a really cozy place in the evening.

Patmos is located about 250 km from the mainland of Greece, so it is easiest to fly to one of the neighboring islands and see a ferry from here. For example, Patmos can be combined with the first week at Patmos and another week at Samos, as there are direct flights from Hamburg to Samos and nice ferry services between the two islands.

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