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“It’s a must to visit Santorini at least once in a lifetime”

Santorini in the South Aegean is the most famous island in the archipelago of the Cycladic Islands, and is probably one of the most photographed places in Greece because of the stunningly beautiful and dramatic rock wall on the island’s Caldera. It’s a must to visit Santorini at least once in a lifetime.

Santorini’s dramatic form was created by a giant volcanic eruption of about 3600 years ago. At that time, Caldera was created. Caldera is a Spanish word for “big kettle”. A caldera occurs when a volcano explodes in a severe outbreak and then subsequently collapses when the magma chamber has been emptied. This results in a large crater or “kettle”. At santorini, the large 400 meter deep crater is flooded by the ocean, forming this amazingly beautiful natural phenomenon. Before the eruption, Santorini was part of a larger round island, then called Strongyle (in Greek: “the round”). At the outbreak a huge central lagoon was created. The lagoon is almost square and measures approx. 7x12km It is surrounded by a 300 meter steep crater edge on 3 of the sides towards the west coast of Santorini. On the 4 side, the lagoon is partially separated from the smaller island of Therasia. The island’s inner west coast is very mountainous and slopes down to the sea while the east coast on the outside of the island is flat and surrounded by black lava sandy beaches. The volcano on Santorini is still active and was the end of 1956, causing an earthquake that destroyed many houses on the island.

“The dramatic form of Santorini was created by a giant volcanic eruption about 3600 years ago”

Caldera, whitewashed houses with azure windows and doors. Small white churches, whose beautiful domes extend towards the almost always blue sky and the picturesque cities with lots of flowers, make Santorini a wonderfully beautiful place.

Celebrate the “capital” of Santorini and located on the western side of the island located 260 meters above sea level at the top of the Caldera. In the city live approx. 1,600 inhabitants. From Fira, however, you have a fantastic panoramic view of the caldera with the underwater volcano and the two peaks that pop up, Palia and Nea Kameni.

Fira has a very active tourist and entertainment life, and it is in Fira to find Santorini’s best shopping opportunities with jewelers, cafes, tavernas and nightclubs. Unfortunately, there is a large concentration of tourists in Fira, especially in the morning when the big cruise ships are located and all the central streets are quickly filled up with the many cruise tourists. However, it is not a problem to find a quiet place where you can enjoy the amazing view of the island and the sea, if you just get a little away from the center of Fira. Besides the amazing views, Fira has museums and several churches and monasteries.

“It’s in Fira one finds Santorini’s best shopping opportunities with jewelers, cafes, tavernas and nightclubs”

Celebrate the harbor found below a 600-step steep staircase. However, one can take a taxi down there from the hilly and steep mountain road on the cliff side. Or maybe on a donkey back or by the cable car (-: From the harbor you can go on a boat trip in the volcano crater to Nea and Palia Kameni. It is very beautiful when the island is seen from the sea with its steep cliff sides. From the harbor there are also many boat departures to the surrounding creek islands. Øhop in this area can be highly recommended.

Another beautiful city located on the edge is the caldera is Oia, which is probably the most famous and most beautiful city in Santorini. Oia is best known for its great location, tranquil atmosphere and amazing sunsets. Oia is located 11km north west of Fira. Fira and Oia really like each other very much. Oia is actually bigger than one immediately believes and has a long main street that goes all the way through the city. The most beautiful view and sunset are at each end of this street. Should you experience the city in the evening, it is very beautiful to get a seat at one of the tavernas that is located on the edge of the caldera. However, it has the most amazing view and, unfortunately, is also quite expensive for it.

“Oia, probably the most famous and most beautiful city in Santorini”

Oia also has a small harbor reached by the 300 steps. The staircase is at the east end of town. By the harbor is also a small pebble beach and some very nice fishing tavernas. It is easy to get to Oia and around the rest of the island, as it is no bigger than it can easily handle a rented scooter. Otherwise there is also nice bus service around the river.

If you want a beach holiday, some days in Santorini are enough and you can go on to one of the other creek islands with amazing beaches. We do not think the black lava beaches on the island are particularly attractive. But taste and pleasure. The town’s beaches are found on the opposite side of the caldera with Fira and Oia. It is also on this page that most charter tourists hold.

In Santorini KruseTravel has a blaze. contacts to a small apartment hotel on the outskirts of Fira. It is a perfect location for the airport and the port of Firas, if you go on to one of the other Cycladic islands. The small hotel is owned by mom and daughter and you get a wonderful treat. There is a possibility to use the neighboring small pool. We of course like other options.

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