Guide To Hamburg Airport

There is a large selection of flights at good prices in Hamburg. We of course prefer a Danish airport close to where we live, but there can be good economics and more opportunities in including Hamburg as an option. Hamburg is a large and very well-functioning airport. I usually search for flights on:

Address for gps is: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH. Flughafenstr. 1-3   22335 Hamburg.

At the airport, you drive past the terminals, if you want to go to the area with “holiday parking”. It is possible to book parking in advance here, so you are sure of a space. If there is no space, you are guided to an external car park, which is a bit annoying. So book well in advance, where there is often also the possibility of a discount on parking.

In the past, we often parked on P8 or P9 and think there is plenty of space in the parking bays (no parking scratches). In recent years, it has become quite cheap to park in P2, which is on the right just before you come up to the terminal building. From P2, it is only a short walk to the terminal building.

If you have booked parking from home, you will be sent a scan code by email. It is not necessary, however, if you have entered the car’s number plate when ordering, then the barriers will open automatically.

The shuttle bus from the parking areas (from the holiday parking area) starts running at 04:00 in the morning when the airport opens. Everything usually opens in good time, before departure, so there is never stress and rush at Hamburg airport.

If your flight departure is very early and you prefer an overnight stay at the airport, it can be arranged here The Hamburg Ibis airport hotel offers accommodation at a reasonable price and a free shuttle service to and from the airport. When you come back from your holiday and have got your luggage, you will find the Shuttle bus (if you are staying in the “holiday parking area”) by going to the right when you come out of the terminal. See sign for shuttle bus to P8 –P9. A number of road changes have been made around the airport, so you may not be able to count on the GPS just outside the car park. Instead, follow the signs towards road 7 ( if you go north) which leads you towards the border and Padborg.

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