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Evia, or Euboia, as it is also called, is Greece’s second largest island after Crete. Evia is located in the western part of the Aegean Sea and close to the mainland. The island has an area of 3661 km2 and has almost 211,000 inhabitants, of which over 50,000 live in the main city of Chalkis (Halkida).

With stunning scenery, awe-inspiring beaches and rich culture, Evia combines the best of the Greek mainland and the islands. And best of all, it’s only a short drive from Athens. The narrow Evripos Strait separates Evia from the mainland. The narrow strait is known for its unique current conditions. The direction changes up to 10 times a day.

Evia is a mountainous island and the northern part is very lush, with large forests, while in the southern part there is a lot of agriculture. In the mountain areas you will find several plateaus where there are shepherds with large flocks of goats and sheep. Here in the heights, olives and citrus fruits are also grown.

Evia has several smaller rivers and over 50 healing springs and several spas. Evia also has some mining, which seems to be mostly found in the northern part of the island. In the southern part, marble is quarried, which has been quarried here since ancient times.

Despite its many advantages, the island has only modest foreign tourism, but it is a sought-after holiday destination for the residents of Athens. It is only about 1.5 hours’ drive from Athens airport and in addition to renting a car, it is also possible to get to Chalkis by train and bus. The bus network on Evia is quite widespread, and should be quite well-functioning. From Athens by car, you can choose to take the bridge over to Chalki town, or take the ferry that sails across the narrow strait a little further south. We grabbed the ferry (-:

Evia is very well organised, with good roads and good accommodation. Since the island is mostly used by Greek tourists, the food at the restaurants is top notch, and where there are Greeks there are parties and high spirits. And a plus is that the prices on the island are significantly lower than on the more fancy Greek holiday islands.

We drove over the island and when you get up into the mountains you really experience the original Greece with lots of untouched nature and an authentic and friendly Greek atmosphere in the villages you pass through. We didn’t get to explore all of Evia by a long shot, but will definitely come back. Firs and tamarisks, impressive mountains and endless beaches, fish and game, dragon houses and lighthouses, thermal springs, ancient monasteries, waterfalls, canyons, stone-built guesthouses. There is a lot to experience on a holiday in Evia.

There are plenty of beaches on Evia and most and the best are found in the northern part of the island, where most tourists go. Towns on Evia: Chalkis (Halkida) is the capital of Evia with a population of around 52,000 people. One part of Chalkis is on the island of Evia, but the other part is on the Greek mainland. The city of Chalkis with its two ports was one of the most prosperous cities in ancient Greece, and is said to be the largest shipping port in ancient Greece. Chalkis is an ordinary Greek city, with a nice location and good shopping opportunities. The long beautiful beach promenades are also attractive)-:

Limni is one of the nicest country towns, in our opinion, and you can find it in the north of Evia, with narrow streets, traditional white houses with tiled roofs and a small natural harbor with lovely and cozy tavernas.

Edipsos is probably the best-known city on Evia. Edipsos is known for its natural hot and healing springs. Edipsos also offers good food in restaurants and taverns.

Agios Georgios is also a village in the north of Evia. It is a beautifully situated village by the beautiful blue sea and with long beaches. From Agios Georgios you can sail to Lihadonisia, which are a lot of small islands, with beautiful nature, and they are only accessible by boat.

Pefki is a famous resort with a beach of at least two kilometers. This place is located on the northern tip of Evia opposite the Pelion peninsula and here are impressively beautiful pine groves that lie a few meters from the sea.

Agia Anna is a village that is also located in northern Evia. The town is beautifully situated with a view over the Aegean Sea. The town is surrounded by large pines, cypresses and olive trees. In the center of the village, is the town square with a church and an icon of Saint Anna from whom the village is named.

Mantoudi is found on the northeast side of Evia. From here there are ferry services to several Greek islands.

Kymi is also found on the east side of Evia and here there is also ferry traffic to several Greek islands.

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