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Kimolos is an amazing bautiful little island in the Cyclades. It is 36 km2 and has about 900 inhabitants. It is located next door and a short distance from Milos. Although very close to Milos, which is a very popular tourist island, Milos manages to maintain its unspoiled charm.

There were to be over 80 churches on the island

There were to be over 80 churches on the island This island is a world unto itself! The name Kimolos is an old term for “white stones” and fits perfectly on the island. Kimolos is famous for its stunning white beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque architecture and its many churches. There were to be over 80 churches on the island, many of the churches are small simple family chapels that are passed down from generation to generation. The largest church on the island is the Metropolitan Church of Panagia Odigitria, located in the main town of Chorio. The island is definitely an alternative destination compared to the larger and more touristy Cyclades.

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Upon entering the port city of Psathi, you immediately sense the tranquility and charm that prevails on this lovely little island. The main town of Chorio can be seen high up on the island behind Psathi. In Psathi there is a nice little beach with a few nice tavernas located just behind. Here are also some hotels / pensions, as well as car / scooter rentals.

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We were very surprised at how much beautiful architecture and narrow streets there were in this village

The center for activities in Kimolos is Chorio and this is where most visitors settle down. As you may have noticed, the main town on a Greek island is often called Chora. Chorio is a little smaller and a more traditional village than these other villages. While many Greek villages have a main square, Chorio has many, and you can wander around the narrow street and discover and explore all the little cozy places. We were very surprised at how much beautiful architecture and narrow streets there were in this village, given the modest size of the island.

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As for Kimolos beaches, there is a beautiful beach close to the port of Psathi, but there are a myriad of alluring beaches around the island that can be reached either on foot or by boat. One thing is for sure, it’s not beaches and turquoise blue water missing from Kimolos (-:

One should also visit the small village Visit Goupa.

Thanks to its close distance to Milos, Kimolos is also a good island for island hopping. There are actually daily ferries between Kimolos and Milos and several departures to the nearby islands. There is actually only good to say about Kimolos and you will surely fall in love with this lovely little island.
One should also visit the small village Visit Goupa.

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Goupa is not far from Psathi. It is a small fishing village on the coast of Chorio, where there is excellent fishing and snorkeling. It is also a great place to see the old boat garages (or syrmata as they are called) carved into the white rocks. The beach after Goupa is Rema. There are also caves and good snorkelling.
To mention one of the other beautiful beaches of the island it must be:

Prassa Beach has excellent bathing water. You can snorkel and see sea urchins, corals and colorful reef fish as well as maybe a monk seal if you are lucky. There are also caves nearby that can be explored. Prassa is accessible by scooter, car and bus and has a small beach bar.

Bonatsa is a long golden sandy beach and is perfect for families with children with its shallow beach. It is an organized beach with beach bars, umbrellas and sun loungers. There is access to the beach by acooter, car or bus.

Aliki is next to Bonatsa. It is a pebble beach and shallow water like Bonatsa, so it is also perfect for swimming and relaxing. In the spring there is also sometimes a lake here that has a lot of interesting bird life. Aliki Beach has two taverns, Sardis and the Blue Tavern.

Monastiria and Soufi

These two beaches are on the opposite side of the island and difficult to access without a 4wd (the road is not good) or a sailboat. You can also walk from Chorio. The trip takes about an hour and a half each way. The first beach you come to is called Monastiria. It’s a long sandy beach and it’s great to swim here. 15 minutes away is Soufi, another beautiful sandy beach. Soufi is an amazingly beautiful beach. Remember water as it is a warm hike.
An opportunity to get around to the slightly remote beaches is also the island’s sea taxi, which sails the island around the peak season and gets you where you want to go.

Climate Beach is a nice unorganized (no chairs and shabby) beach near Chorio. It is only a short walk of 20 minutes from the city. On the beach you can find shade under tamarisk trees. The beach is popular because of its seclusion and relatively short distance to Chorio, but should be avoided on days when the wind comes from north Karas

Karas Beach is not a real beach, but a low coastal cliff area that is popular with divers. It is an easy walk from Chorio.

If you like ruins, visit Ellinika! This sandy, unorganized beach is where you can see the sunken old town and the old burial sites. It is on the west side of the island and it is accessible by car.

Mavrospilia is right next to Ellinika. It is a long sandy beach with a few trees where shade can be found. Here is a very nice sunset and it is exciting to explore the cave

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