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Naxos is the biggest town in Kykladerne and is 430 km2. The main city Hora has 7.000 citizens out of the 9.000 who is located on the island. The biggest towns are Filoti, Apiranthos, Tragea, Koronos, Sangri and Apollonas. The island is most known for its many and very long sand beaches, but is also known for being the greenest island in the Cyclades.

“The landscape of the island is varied with high mountains and small towns”

Naxos has a national airport with connection from Athen. You can also travel the island by boat, amongst others, from Santorini. The landscape of the island is varied with high mountains and small towns. It’s a green and beautiful island with much richness in nature. The citizens do not depend on tourism and you will therefore be met as a guest and a friend.

If you are looking for party the main city Hora is the place to go. If you are looking for peace and quiet there is endless opportunities on the beautiful island. Hora is an exciting city with lots of small streets and is definitely worth a visit.

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According to mythology, the wine god, Dionyssos, taught the inhabitants of Naxos to grow wine “

Naxos is the perfect place for those who can spend endless hours lying in the sun and swimming in the ocean.  The island offers many beaches, which is filled with tourists turister (Agia Anna, Agios Georgios (St. George), Agios Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, Plaka og Stelida), but you can also fin protected bays for those who wish to get away from all the tourism and spend time in a more quiet place (Abram, Agiassos, Alyko, Amitis, Kalandos, Moutsouna, Panormos og Pyrgaki).

In general the west side of Naxos is more touristy with long beaches and hotels. On the contrary the east side is much more calm and with unorganized beaches. What you then prefer is individual. In the middle of the island you can find more authentic villages, which is absolutely worth a visit.

According to mythology, the wine god, Dionyssos, lived on Naxos and he taught Naxos inhabitants to wine. It is a knowledge that the locals still perform today. The wine from Naxos is known for its high quality and good taste.

Naxos is also known for its marble, one of Naxos’ rich natural resources. It is in Naxos, the art of working marble for statues was developed in ancient times. You can still find large, semi-finished marble statues that have been preserved in the island’s ancient marble quarries for nearly 2,600 years.

“Naxos and Paros lies roughly in the middle of the Cyclades”

If you enjoy to visit more than one island on your vacation Naxos is perfect. Naxos and Paros lies roughly in the middle of the Cyclades and is therefore good islands to travel onward to other islands.

The boat connections are also very well developed. Some of the small boats to, ex. Amorgos, can be cancelled because of the weather, but the bigger boats are also travelling here and it takes a lot for them not to go from Naxos to Athen. It can therefore be a good idea to start and end your vacation here if you want to go to the Cyclades. The route south of Kithnos, Serifos and Sifnos is also travelled by some of the big boats, but not in the same time table as Paros and Naxos.

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